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Monitoring Your Childs Blog

Monitoring Your Child’s Blog

Blogs are proper increasingly popular and this popularity is not just with adults. Young children are also becoming interested in blogging. With the advent of social networking websites such as MySpace blogging is growing in leaps and bounds. Internet users now have a assortment of options available to them for publishing and maintaining a blog. Additionally, the elaborating popularity of blogs currently available promotes an relaxation in blogging with other Internet users. Spawn are bombarded on a daily basis with a variety of blogs available online and are understandably interested in creating blogs of their own. In most cases children create blogs for social reasons but there are some delight in descendants who realize the potential for profit from blogging. Shift there are a great deal of benefits children can gain from blogging there are also some risks involved. Therefore parents should carefully monitor their child’s blog as well as all of his Internet usage. This article will discuss the subject of monitoring a child’s blog in greater detail.
Discuss Blog Expectations with Children

The smallest motion parents should take when a child is interested in creating a blog is to thoroughly discuss the expectations with the child. The child and parent should have an open and honest discussion about responsible use of the Internet. This is of note because these conversations can lay the groundwork for how the child consign behave online. Acknowledged are certain dangers which exist on the Internet but parents who understand these dangers and communicate with their children to share this potential for danger as well because information on staying safe while online are likely to posses children who stay safe while online.

When a child is considering starting a blog, the parent should be tangled in the process from the very start. The parent should not only be aware of the child’s intention to begin blogging but should also be perceptive of the child’s reason for wanting to blog and intentions for the blog. This is important because it can help the parents to accede germane guidelines for the blog. For example a youngster may be interested in social networking through a blog but should follow there is the potential for danger with this personality of blog. Parents should place limitations on the content of the blog and should advise the children to avoid disclosing peculiar information such as his full name, address and phone number on the blog. Other information which can be used to identify and locate the child should also be avoided.

Regularly Reviewing Your Child’s Blog

In addition to discussing blogging with the child and establishing ground rules for the content of the blog, the parents should also regularly call the blog to ensure the established rules are being followed. Parents should review the blogs of their descendants on a hackneyed basis but should not inform the children when these reviews will take place. This will help to prohibit the children from altering the blog to eliminate questionable material during the review and replacing this material after the review is complete. This is important because it would be moderately simple for the child to make changes quickly simply by saving files and replacing them with appropriate blog postings during scheduled reviews.

Monitoring the Blogs Your Child Frequents

Parents should also consider regularly monitoring the blogs their children frequent. This is foremost because the information family are viewing online can be harmful to children. It is also important because markedly blogs provide the opportunity for visitors to communicate with the blogger. In most cases this rumor is in the form of comments which are deserted for the blogger and the blogger may choose to respond to these comments. In some cases the visitor may even have the opportunity to provide personal contact information to the blogger. Parents who remain aware of the blogs their offspring appointment can review these blogs carefully to ensure their heirs are not behaving inappropriately online and are not inadvertently putting themselves at risk with the actions they take.


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